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100% Pure Raja Kayu Powder (10g)

RM 25.00

About Raja Kayu :

Raja Kayu is the Supreme King in the forest among all different spices of trees, and therefore is also commonly named as King of Wood, Wood Emperor or Saint Wood. This rare wood species grows in tropical forests which with an ever-changing natural environment.

The Raja Kayu constantly absorbing the essence of the nature’s sun and moon over the hundreds of years and become its own unique spiritual and Emmanuel.  In deep of forest, it is almost invisible to sunlight for all day long, definitely is a best environment to gather the evil spirits. The Raja Kayu emits powerful charms and amulets which gives protection to the Malaysia indigenous people all the way since old time ago.

The most amazing feature of Raja Kayu is that it is translucent, when shining with a flashlight through the wood chips. This illogic test making people confuse as wood is opaque, it should not be translucent. Second check, the Raja Kayu will sink into the water, regardless cut into any sizes. Third, use some of the Raja Kayu raw silk and gently rub on arm, the wood raw silk will disappear on your arm.

The Raja Kayu traditionally used to:-

  •  Enhance the body’s magnetic field
  • Avoid bad or negative vibes
  • Ease the negative energy
  • Enhanced the wealth

The powder of Raja Kayu is used to:

  •  Boost blood circulation
  • Skin diseases treatment
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Treatment of Asthma