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100% Pure Wild Tiger Milk Mushroom (36g)

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About Tiger Milk Mushroom :

Tiger Milk Mushroom, scientific name called as Lignosus Rhinoceros, is native to tropical forests. Tiger Milk Mushroom comes from Fungi family, as the well-known Ling Zhe or Reishi Mushroom. It have been hailed as the LOST Malaysia National Treasure. 

Tiger Milk Mushroom is rare wild herb, only found in tropical rainforest. Due to its growth behavior, it can only found by LUCK. As only one mushroom in a radius of 5 km. The supply of tiger milk mushroom is inconsistent, one year couldn’t reach 100Kg. 

Tiger Milk Mushroom has been recognized as one of the most popular medicinal mushroom used by indigenous communities of Malaysia. At Bio Malaysia 2002, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir said his chronic cough had been cured by tiger milk mushroom. 

Benefits of Tiger Milk Mushroom:


Direction of Use:
• For Treatment purpose: Wash 7 – 10g of slices with water. Boil slices with 500ml of water for an hour.
• For General Well-Being: Wash 2 – 5g of slices with water. Boil slices with 500ml of water for an hour. 
• Normal Illness take once a day, serious illness take 3 times a day. 

Storage Requirement:
• Keep in cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.