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Natural Herbal Sex Booster, 100% Pure Red Tongkat Ali [Stema Tuberosa] Root Slices (100g)

RM 250.00

Known as the natural Asian Viagra, the Tongkat Ali is native to the rainforests of Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. It reaches a height of 12m. The whole plant has medicinal purposes but its benefits are concentrated mainly in the roots, which we use in this product.

Red Tongkat Ali (Stema Tuberosa) reigns as the most expensive varieties as they are very rare and have more potent medicinal values.

Among the benefits of Tongkat Ali:
Boosts your muscle mass, energy and stamina
Improves your blood circulation
Increases testosterone level, strengtens the erection and increases the sperm count for men
An aphrodisiac for both men and women
Shows anti-tumour properties when tested in-vitro
Improves blood circulation, helps reduce hypertension and treats high-blood pressure, tuberculosis, fever, jaundice, diarrhea and dysentery.