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Fine Batik is currently one of the largest batik art and crafts companies in the world. It is a specialist in handmade batik interior decoration products such as batik art painting, batik painted wood carvings and batik accessories.Fine Batik is home to hundreds of thousands of batik art and crafts produced by our resident batik artists, each of them master in their own right, providing our customers with a wide spectrum of designs ranging from traditional nusantara styles to contemporary art deco.

We constantly engage independent artists from all over Asia to collaborate with us to produce new series of batik art and crafts to complement our existing product lines. Through fair trade and multiple marketing channels, such as e-commerce, online marketplaces and art exhibitions, Fine Batik hopes to elevate the social status of Asian batik artists who are mostly impoverished and have no resources to promote their works, into the world stage, where millions of people can appreciate their masterpieces.

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