Classic Grade Porcupine Bezoar (3 Bottle in 1 Box)


Porcupine Bezoar is proven to be effective for health nourishment particularly serving the four (4) main functions as : cellular recovery, detoxification and body temperature regulation, immune system strengthening and anti-oxidant enrichment.


Product Description

According to the Chinese traditional medicine records, our ancestors from thousands of years ago had discovered the magical effect of porcupine bezoar. It is also known as porcupine date, which is highly regarded as a kind of precious herbs. Porcupine Bezoar is the body secretions that resemblance a stone found inside a porcupine stomach. Not all porcupine forms bezoar in their stomach, thus the reason why Porcupine Bezoar is among the rarest and precious herbs in the world. Generally, the four main benefits of consuming porcupine bezoar are: cells regeneration, detoxification, immune system enhancement and antioxidant enrichment.

Types of Porcupine Bezoar

1. Powdered Bezoar

Powdered bezoar is the product from the formation of the stone-mass after it has gone through a relatively long period of time. It has the best quality and efficacy, hence it is the most expensive. The surface of the powdered bezoar is smooth and it is solid. After cutting it into half, the inner surface will exhibit a fine lines of layers. Other than that, powdered bezoar contains a rich herbal aroma, a taste of sweet and bitterness. Several common powdered bezoars are:

a. Black Bezoar

Black in color, contains a little amount of grass, and at times some have hollows space inside.

b. Kernel Bezoar

The surface is covered with husk and have rough edges on the surface layer.

c. Red Bezoar

Reddish in color with may come in white powder at times.

2. Semi-Powdered Bezoar

Some parts of the surface of Semi-powdered Bezoar is smooth due to the few shiny fibers particles. It also has some mixture of grass. The medical benefits are similar to powdered bezoar though the price is comparatively lower.

3. Semi-Grass Bezoar

Semi-grass Bezoar contains less powdery form and mostly in grass forms on the surface of the bezoar which has a slightly rough touch. The price is lower compared to Semi-powdered Bezoar and have higher medicinal benefits than Grass Bezoar.

4. Grass Bezoar

The appearance of Grass Bezoar are mostly made of coarse grass but the surface touch is similar as Semi-grass Bezoar. Grass Bezoar has relatively more mass of grass and developed a significance portion of fine lines in it. Among other types of bezoars, it is the lowest priced but yet it is still maintained a good medical value.

Medicinal Values Of Porcupine Bezoar

After a few decades of receiving reliable testimonies, porcupine bezoar is proven to be effective for health nourishment particularly serving the four (4) main functions as : cellular recovery, detoxification and body temperature regulation, immune system strengthening and anti-oxidant enrichment.

1. Cancer

Help to decrease cancel cells and inhibit the spread of cancerous cells, relieve pain, improve appetites and recuperate body strength. It can be consumed before and after cancer treatments such as electrotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Other than that, it can also be taken for people who always stay up late, taking excessive alcohol, heavy smoker and suffer from stress. Note: Medical check-ups regularly is advised for cancer patients.

2. Post-Surgery

Helps reduce the side effects of general surgery, such as pains and wound infections. It has an effective healing properties for faster recovery.

3. Liver Disease

Helps to boost up immune systems, remove excess body heat, promotes detoxification, diminish inflammation and energy recovery.

4. Parturition

Suitable for natural childbirth or caesarean surgery. Alleviate pain and heals wound effectively.

5. Dengue Fever

Reduce high fever, increase platelet index and improve immunity system for immediate recuperation.

6. Infection-related Diseases

For inflammatory diseases such as meningitis, metritis and urethritis. It has very high efficiency in detoxification, anti-inflammatory control, repairs muscles, improve blood circulation and heals pain.

7. Others

Helps in skin diseases, eye diseases, malignant sore, cardiovascular sclerosis, rheumatism, relieving stomach pain, heartburn, and other ailments.

Market Situation Of The Porcupine Bezoar

In today’s market, we can find several production of bezoars that can be divided into three parts which are genuine bezoars, fake bezoars and half-genuine bezoars.

Genuine Bezoars

A true and genuine bezoar is completely obtain from the porcupine’s stomach and occasionally can be found more than one. The bezoar has no confounding with any other ingredients.

Fake Bezoars

Fake bezoar is not made of porcupine but a possible mix of herbs, medicine, food and other non-food ingredients. None of these bezoars are made up of porcupine. Sometimes ingredients used to make fake bezoar can be harmful to our body.

Half-Genuine Bezoars

Half-genuine bezoars is a mix of different ingredients including herbs, medicine, food and other non-food ingredients together with some of the bezoar taken out from the porcupine. Currently, new production trends for this type of bezoar is the addition of porcupine offal and other food scraps in it. Although these offal contain some of the porcupine’s smell and effect, these offal might contains some harmful ingredients.

EXOTICA’S Porcupine Bezoar Product Series

We are a wholesaler and retailer in the porcupine bezoar business. For wholesale, the bezoar is sold in granule by gram. In retail, we are selling the bezoar (3-bottle in 1 box) in a bottle by 0.375 gram each.

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