Handcrafted Green Celadon Glaze Tea Cup with Leaf Texture and with Saucer (7 oz)


Weight: 545 Grams

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Product Description

Celadon originated in China and its production later spread to other countries in Asia, such as Korea and Thailand. It is a term for ceramics denoting both a type of glaze and ware of celadon (colour).
This cup is made from green celadon with special leaf texture around the cup which enable one to enjoy the hue of the tea. It is a must-have collectible for pottery enthusiasts.

Material: Celadon
Capacity: 7 oz
Height: 8.5 cm
Width: 9 cm
Weight: 545 Grams
Additional Tips: Hand wash only
Decorative Tableware
Free of lead and toxins.

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