Hand-crafted Oriental Yixing Clay Teapot - The Mighty Lion (19 oz)


Dimension: 18.5cm (width) x 9.7cm (base) x 13.5cm (height)

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Product Description

To add to its uniqueness, this teapot has long, protruding spout with high handle that is sure to be the center of attention. pottery enthCompletely embodies the far-eastern theme, this teapot is a must-have collectible item for antique and isiasts. Just do not forget to bring home some Oolong and Black tea along the way!

Dimension: Large

Colour: Brown (Mahogany)

Dimension: 18.5cm (width) x 9.7cm (base) x 13.5cm (height)

Weight: 870 Grams

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