RH Organic Acai Berry Maca [2g x 5 sachets]


Acai Berry Maca is unique in that it affects men and women differently.


Product Description

Acai Berry Maca is a nutritionally dense superfood that has been used for 1000's of years. It is unique in that it affects men and women differently. It will help boots on our body several areas, such as memory, depression, athletes, osteoporosis, menopause, hair growth, increase libido, healthy skin, pregnancy, strong bones, muscle, prostate, and increase energy & stamina.


1. Stimulate the endocrine system and hormone balance.

2. Balancing the body's pH level.

3. Strengthens the immune system and reduce ill-health syndrome .

4. Increase the absorption of nutrients.

5. Improve endurance, strength and stamina.

6. Increase libido and sexual performance for men and women.

7. Turn on brainpower and improve memory.

8. Fix syndrome andropause and menopause.

9. Relieve insomnia and improve sleep quality.

10. Reduce blood sugar.

11. Improve blood circulation.

12. Helps to increase antioxidant levels to aid in neutralizing damaging free radicals.

13. Promote heart health.

Consumption Details

1. Consume half of the sachet, once every 2 days.

2. Pour directly into mouth.

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